Wry Society


Wry Society: The natural pool

If his neighbour could build a Tarzan-style mega-treehouse, surely Toby could trump him with a wild swimming pond… Words by Clare Coulson. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The fashion show

When rivalrous boutique owners vie for control of a charity fundraiser, how low will they go to steal the show? Words by Clare Naylor. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The dog walker

When Ella adds pooch perambulation to her portfolio of millennial careers, does she bite off more than she can chew? Words by Francesca Hornak. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The art collaborator

More than a mere collector of beautiful things, social media big-shot “Zippo” has a vision of himself as a work of art. Words by Sam Leith. lllustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The alpha cyclist

When the desire to stay ahead of the commuter pack drives a legal heavyweight to sink a fortune in a new set of wheels, will he be first to the bar?

Wry Society: The nordic ski break

Fergus’s plans for a lads-only ski trip are scuppered by his wife’s decision to book them onto a “winter activities break” in Norway at the same time – but is there something fishy going on?

Wry Society: The double New Year’s Eve

Claudia had pretended to her new boyfriend it was her favourite night… but his idea of celebrating twice – first in Sydney then in Maui – could have her wishing his bold acquaintance be forgot…

Wry Society: The executive assistant

When an overworked, undervalued and ever so slightly at the end of her tether executive PA decides her Christmas bonus is long overdue, what the Dickens ensues?

Wry Society: The football match

It’s never too late to rekindle a passion for beautiful game, thinks fortysomething screenwriter Alex, especially if your teammates are masters of the universe and there’s business to be done
Property & Architecture

Wry Society: The folly

Packed to the rafters with exquisite art and objets, an aesthete’s country bolthole is a defiant bastion against the barbarian forces of “progress” – or so he believes

Wry Society: The poker novice

It’s poker night in Highgate and Snake Eyes and the boys are itching to take their host’s interloping wife to the cleaners, but what does lady luck have up her sleeve?

Wry Society: The couturier

The doyen of designers, Bruno has spent a lifetime dictating the itsy-bitsy waistlines of his adoring clients – but what will be the true cost when his own silhouette starts to head south?