Wry Society


Wry Society: The poker novice

It’s poker night in Highgate and Snake Eyes and the boys are itching to take their host’s interloping wife to the cleaners, but what does lady luck have up her sleeve?

Wry Society: The couturier

The doyen of designers, Bruno has spent a lifetime dictating the itsy-bitsy waistlines of his adoring clients – but what will be the true cost when his own silhouette starts to head south?

Wry Society: The gut guru

Le tout Kensington is abuzz with talk of a holistic healer to beat all holistic healers – in a Portakabin in Colliers Wood; but what exactly is the source of his spiritual powers?

Wry Society: The Ibiza trip

Four days on the White Isle will sort out square boy Jeremy’s midlife crisis, thinks his old friend Pete – miscalculating quite how “sorted” things could become

Wry Society: The bonding trip

Will a workaholic father find himself in deep water when his son refuses to let him off the hook for a long-promised fishing trip?

Wry Society: The bespoke snob

A wife’s patience with her husband’s obsessive dandyism is pushed over the edge by the discovery of matrimonial perfidy – let the sartorial battle commence…

Wry Society: The Chelsea debut

Will a former ballet star-turned-über-hip garden designer wow the RHS with his wildly cool meadow garden – or find himself dancing to an altogether more devilish tune?

Wry Society: The royal photographer

Hector’s work, once snapped up by the high and mighty, has been nothing but negatives since the digital revolution. But will a new royal wedding propel him back into the limelight?

Wry Society: The concept store

What could be easier, muses Petra Volter, than to sell exotically sourced eco-glam fashion to a generation of hyper-ethical, luxe-loving millennials?

Wry Society: The punk wannabe

As middle age bites, Adrian decides to indulge a fantasy that’s haunted him since childhood. But will he get his teenage kicks or just feel pretty vacant?

Wry Society: The immersive party

Stella wanted to transport her husband – and their 300 top friends – into a jaw-dropping alternative reality for his 50th birthday. But was the Blade Runner theme the best choice?