Collecting vintage theatre posters

Adverts by prominent artists for Paris music-hall shows and first-run Broadway plays have evolved into striking, collectable artworks, says Emma Crichton Miller

The rise of the “art” motorcycle

The 20-year crusade to classify finely crafted motorcycles as works of art is reaching its apotheosis in one-off commissions of awe-inspiring master craftsmanship. Simon de Burton reports

Collecting British studio ceramics

A new generation is discovering the elegant sculptural forms of postwar pottery by pioneers and their protégées, says Emma Crichton-Miller

A cool collection of classic cars

A dealer’s dedication to going the extra mile has helped a vintage car lover create a varied fleet with one thing in common: they can be driven on a near-daily basis Simon de Burton reports. Portrait by Sam Pelly

Out of Africa and into the King’s Road

Guinevere Antiques celebrates the photography of Mirella Ricciardi, a “creative force” whose captivating imagery of the 1950s led to the acclaimed book Vanishing Africa

Luxury handbags with collectable cachet

Handbags have come of age as highly prized collectors’ items, with rare pieces commanding record prices year-on-year at auction. Claudia Croft meets the Christie’s wunderkind masterminding the market. Portrait by Sebastian Boettcher

Collecting rare graphic novel art

The scarcity and cachet of artwork from comic books’ cooler sibling are attracting an ever-wider circle of collectors, says Mark C O’Flaherty