Luxury handbags with collectable cachet

Handbags have come of age as highly prized collectors’ items, with rare pieces commanding record prices year-on-year at auction. Claudia Croft meets the Christie’s wunderkind masterminding the market. Portrait by Sebastian Boettcher

Collecting rare graphic novel art

The scarcity and cachet of artwork from comic books’ cooler sibling are attracting an ever-wider circle of collectors, says Mark C O’Flaherty

A thought-provoking collection of German art

A Hong Kong financier’s personal passion for German art was ignited through the cultural patronage of his bank – and a plucky London gallerist. Emma Crichton-Miller reports. Portrait by Inga Beckmann

An inspirational collection of architect-designed furniture

The purchase of a cult Prouvé house proved pivotal to a property developer’s collection of midcentury modern design, which was built on years of passionate conversation with a gallerist friend. Kasia Maciejowska reports. Portrait by Léa Crespi

The art collectors turned creative collaborators

Leading collectors are taking their passion for art to a new level, becoming hands-on collaborators with like-minded artists to create works of agenda-setting impact and ambition. Emma Crichton-Miller meets them

A captivating collection of Scottish art

A venture capitalist’s restored mansion has been enlivened by an art adviser’s eye for vibrant depictions of local landscapes, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Portrait by Robert Ormerod
Women's Jewellery

A rare vintage jewellery collection

A chance encounter with a long-lost acquaintance-turned-dealer became the making of an Italian financier’s seminal jewellery collection for his wife, says Vivienne Becker. Portrait by Nicholas Calcott

Collecting vintage BMW motorcycles

A fast, comfortable classic that can go the distance on a daily basis? No wonder BMWs’ airhead-era models are gaining traction, says Simon de Burton

A mind-bending collection of contemporary abstract art

It was kismet when a Swiss entrepreneur, fascinated by works that play with geometry and optical illusions, found a kindred spirit to help build his private collection, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Portrait by Daniel Robert Hunziker