Shoes that are made for walking, as well as wearing

They look great – and feel even better

I cannot be the only woman who spends too much time and money trying to track down high-heeled shoes that don’t mash my feet after a couple of hours – and the line of beautiful, scarcely worn art objects in my wardrobe testifies to my failure. Not having a limo lifestyle, I need shoes that look the business but will withstand the walking that an average working day entails.

I think I’ve finally cracked it, and from a surprising source. Talented jewellery designer Lara Bohinc – she of the trademark knotted, ribbed and pleated metal – has been quietly expanding her business into other areas such as bags and belts, and shoes are her latest venture.


Wonder of wonders, they look great and feel better. Translating her signature twists and stitched lines into leather (picture two) or, even more luxurious, python (picture one), they are soft and very light and the multitude of straps seem to mould to the foot. She says the elegant height – 110mm – is the maximum for prolonged comfortable wear, and tested them herself – “one of the pleasures of being a female designer”. She also used various fashion friends as guinea pigs, adding considerably to her order book as a result.


I wouldn’t want to walk in them all day, but, compared to a lot of more experienced competition, these modernist shoes are bliss. In theory they’re for next season, but Harvey Nichols just had a sneak early delivery – expect a lot of fashionistas with an extra spring in their step. They’ll be stocked in Lara Bohinc’s store from next May. From £435.

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