The scent that sends fragrance fans into a frenzy

It smells dazzlingly expensive and refined – especially after dark

I’ve never bought into the idea of a “signature” fragrance, as there are too many wonderful scents out there to stick with just one. But there’s one scent that I keep coming back to, especially in winter – and in particular during the hours after dark.


Homage Attar by Amouage (€270, 12ml) is a gutsy blend of rose and frankincense. The attar, or concentrated perfume oil, is contained in a small crystal cube and contains some of the finest quality essences known to perfumery, including silver frankincense from Oman (which many believe to be the best and most fragrant), rose Taifi and silver oud. The result is a darkly beautiful riff on rose that smells dazzlingly expensive and refined and sends most fragrance connoisseurs into something close to ecstasy.


In my opinion, it’s a little de trop for daylight but it’s wonderful for evening. Its multi-faceted character develops on your skin and evolves over several hours to create a mesmerising trail, or sillage. The thing I love most about it is that it is absolutely authentic – a scent in the truest sense of the word, as might be expected from a brand that hails from Oman. It’s entirely devoid of what I call the “blah notes” or cheap synthetics of some mass-produced fragrances. The attar is not cheap, but a small drop on the inner wrist goes a long way.

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