The Aesthete: Jamie Chadwick opens her black book of style

The W-Series motor-racing champion collects graffiti art and loves Ludovico Einaudi’s piano music. By Rosanna Dodds

Jamie Chadwick at home in London
Jamie Chadwick at home in London | Image: Toby Coulson

My personal style signifier is a Rolex Yacht-Master in rose gold. It was the first thing I bought after I won the W Series championship last year. I’ve always liked watches, especially since I’ve been racing professionally. A lot of events are sponsored by watch companies, so it’s a passion that ties in nicely with my sport. From £18,300.

Aston Martin DB5, Chadwick’s dream car
Aston Martin DB5, Chadwick’s dream car

The last thing I bought and loved was a Cannondale SystemSix Ultegra Di2 2020 road bike. With motorsport, there’s no specific way to train, but cycling is a good way of getting out. I’ve become weirdly obsessed with it over the past couple of years. It’s quite social; a lot of racing drivers do it, so I usually go out with a group of them at the weekend. We don’t compete – it’s just a fun way to train together. £5,500


And on my wishlist is a Rocket Espresso Machine. There’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. Having one of these would pretty much guarantee that every day, although I’d probably have to invest in some decaf beans. I drink enough coffee as it is. From £1,169;

Chadwick’s signature scent
Chadwick’s signature scent

The best book I’ve read in the past year is Open by Andre Agassi. It’s probably the most honest book I’ve ever read. He talks a lot about the pain his career has put him through – it’s so refreshing to read a sports autobiography that isn’t just about the glory days.

Jamie Chadwick with her Cannondale SystemSix bike at home in London
Jamie Chadwick with her Cannondale SystemSix bike at home in London | Image: Toby Coulson

It would probably surprise people to know that I’m a massive foodie. Because I’m an athlete, people often find that surprising. But when I’m not racing or at the gym you can probably find me eating.

Chadwick with her brother Ollie in 2005
Chadwick with her brother Ollie in 2005

My style icon is the actress Naomie Harris. If I need to get a dress for something I’ll usually have a look at her Instagram and find a style similar to one she’s worn.

A Rocket Espresso Machine R Nine One is on Chadwick’s wishlist
A Rocket Espresso Machine R Nine One is on Chadwick’s wishlist

The best gift I’ve given recently is a model Concorde to my manager Rupert, who loves planes. We normally do a lot of travelling together, especially flying, which usually involves at least one of us geeking out over the aircraft. 

Chadwick racing in the 2014 Ginetta Junior Championships in the car her dad gave her
Chadwick racing in the 2014 Ginetta Junior Championships in the car her dad gave her | Image: Jakob Ebrey

And the best gift I’ve received is the car my brother Ollie and I raced at the Ginetta Junior Championship when we were 15. It’s the only car we’ve both raced in. My dad bought it for us to fix up together. When we were first given it, it was basically a box of parts, but eventually we got it running again.

Chadwick’s women’s series trophy
Chadwick’s women’s series trophy | Image: Toby Coulson

In my fridge you’ll always find ketchup, oat milk and blueberries. The ketchup thing goes back to school: you get used to putting it on food to make it edible. 

Her racing helmet
Her racing helmet | Image: Toby Coulson

The best souvenir I’ve brought home is my W Series trophy. There’s something funny about going abroad and having to take a trophy home in your hand luggage. It feels like you’re smuggling it in. 

Her Rolex wall clock
Her Rolex wall clock | Image: Toby Coulson

My dream car would be an Aston Martin DB5 – the beautiful, classic car that’s been featured in the Bond films. I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time in factories, and Aston Martin’s attention to detail is particularly amazing. It wouldn’t be an ideal car to keep in the UK, but if I owned one for myself I’d cherish it. From about £595,000 from

Chadwick’s Uniqlo T-shirts
Chadwick’s Uniqlo T-shirts | Image: Toby Coulson

The podcast I’m listening to is The Road Less Travelled by Reggie Yates. He interviews celebrities who have taken unfamiliar routes to get where they are. I also like Jessie Ware’s Table Manners: she hosts the show from her own dinner table. All her guests are inspiring, but I particularly loved listening to Emilia Clarke, who spoke so candidly about the brain aneurysms she suffered while filming Game of Thrones

The Carbon champagne given to her by the W Series organisers
The Carbon champagne given to her by the W Series organisers | Image: Toby Coulson

My favourite ritual is morning coffee. I don’t have any specific pre-race rituals, but I do like to stick to a vague routine. Having the same breakfast or doing the same things on race days is good for maintaining peace of mind. That way you know what you’re meant to be doing and there’s no room for psyching yourself out. 

The last music she downloaded
The last music she downloaded

The most memorable drive I ever had was the first time I went to Silverstone. I’ve been going there since I was 13 or so, but I still get the same sense of nervous excitement when I drive in now, although my favourite journey is the drive from London to Bath, where my parents are from. Coming home is the best feeling. Most of the trip is on the M4, but the last leg is all country roads; that’s when you know you’re close. 

One of her favourite podcasts
One of her favourite podcasts

My favourite room in my house is my kitchen – but that’s always my favourite room, wherever I am. I love sitting at the breakfast bar in my parents’ home, so I’ve had one installed in my new place. 


The last music I downloaded was a playlist by the composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. Before I get into a car, I like to listen to really chilled-out music. Race days can produce stressful environments, so putting on your noise‑cancelling headphones is a good way of combating that. 

I have a collection of white T-shirts. I wear them with everything. The fresher the better. I’ve grown out of the phase of getting expensive ones; now I prefer to go to Uniqlo as it has a good recycling programme. 

The design I most admire is a Porsche 911. It’s one of the more beautiful models. But from an architectural point of view, I loved Zaha Hadid. The London Aquatics Centre is astonishing.

The last thing I added to my wardrobe was a pair of On Cloud X running trainers. Recently I’ve been running a lot more and quickly realised that I needed better shoes. I was amazed at the difference these made. £130;

My ultimate ambition is to compete in Formula 1. That’s the dream. 

My favourite app is Strava. It’s a fitness-tracking app that allows you to post your runs and see what other people are doing. I’ve got a bit hooked on it; it’s like a social media platform for athletes.

An object I would never part with is a magnum of Carbon champagne that was given to me by the organisers of the W Series after I won the 2019 title. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’ve been tempted. £509;

The one artist whose work I would collect if I could is Banksy. That would be cool. I already have a small collection of works by DrAutoArt, another graffiti artist. After I’ve had a notable result or achievement he sends me a print of that moment, and I always get them framed. From £47.50

The beauty staple I’m never without is Jo Malone perfume. I’ve worn Pomegranate Noir for years. Apparently you know your scent when you can’t smell it on yourself any more. I’m not sure if that’s a fact, but it’s definitely true for me. £69 for 50ml; 

My wellbeing guru is my trainer and physio, Pete Webster. He’s got me into cycling and running – potentially even ultramarathons. Obviously I need to train for my sport, but now it’s just become a way of life. 

If I weren’t doing what I do, I would still be in sport – doing something adrenaline-filled… maybe a professional skier.