New H Stern collection at Harrods

A celestial 70th-anniversary celebration from the Brazilian jeweller

One of the most covetable collections by much-loved Brazilian jeweller H Stern revolved around an asymmetrical, many-pointed star. Often picked out in diamonds and highlighted with blackened gold to give a vintage patina, and sometimes embedded in a spectacular slice of rock crystal, it has become the brand’s signature. And it is to the stars that CEO and creative director Roberto Stern has returned for a spectacular 70th anniversary collection, which arrives at Harrods’ luxury jewellery room for a limited stay from September 21.


Stern and his team have long been known for taking a theme and running with it in unexpected, sometimes abstract directions, and the new collection is no exception. Entitled Genesis, it explores the mysteries of heavenly bodies and events in varied ways. The most spectacular pieces are inspired by two sinuous constellations – Hydra (the sea serpent) and Draco (the dragon). The unique Hydra necklace (£116,000, third picture) is an exuberant scribble of coils, set with light cognac diamonds in H Stern’s own pale noble gold alloy and scattered with stars of various design, including a pendant. Its back is composed of large South Sea pearls, emphasising the marine link. This necklace is matched for boldness by the Draco earrings (£7,300), partly in blackened gold, and ring (£11,600), of which just two exist. Worn across three fingers, the ring recalls scales and spines, along with a star, again in cognac diamonds. (These two pieces are available until September 30 and then by request only.)


Other parts of the collection are equally exciting. The wonderful Halley earrings (£12,600, first picture) have flexible drops as the comet tail, while the Eclipse designs combine yellow and noble gold to represent the light and shadow of a solar eclipse. The long ring (£6,300, second picture) is gorgeous, while the earrings (£6,000) can be worn on the ear or as drops. Go and stargaze while you can.

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