Resin jewellery that resonates with memories

Old, treasured items are given new life by these inventive jewellers

Jewellery designers Magnus Stokoe and Isabella Day have had the enchanting notion of creating bespoke pieces based around something personal and precious to the customer. It could be your late grandmother’s pearl necklace, confetti from a friend’s wedding, some buttons you are rather fond of, or even your mother’s wedding ring – send it to Magnus & Bella and they will set it into resin to make a bracelet, ring, brooch or pendant (from £90).

In the past, they’ve embedded fruit flies for a geneticist who had used them in a crucial part of his research, as well as setting a horse’s tail and some bluebells into resin for a woman whose horse, named Bluebell, had recently died. If you’ve got some old treasured pieces that you don’t know what to do with, Magnus & Bella could be the answer – contact them through their website.


In addition to the special commissions, there’s a collection of delightful ready-made pieces. The designers love vintage items (buttons, stamps, old jewellery), which they collect from all over the world and incorporate into resin pieces to sell. Here you’ll find, for instance, some silver cuff links made from tiny watch parts set into resin. There, too, is a bangle with resin encasing an old pearl necklace.


And many of these pieces are surprisingly inexpensive – a resin bangle with vintage pearls and cameo brooch (first picture) is from £80; cuff links incorporating old watch parts (second picture) are £175; and rings start at £40.