Richard Mille’s blue sapphire women’s watch

Art, watch or feat of engineering? Either way, blue is the warmest colour

Richard Mille titanium RM 07-02 Automatic Blue Lady, £1.1m
Richard Mille titanium RM 07-02 Automatic Blue Lady, £1.1m | Image: Omer Knaz

The current pinnacle of crystal watchcraft is the full sapphire case. Richard Mille designed his first women’s model, the RM 07-02 Pink Lady (from £883,000), in 2014, and after four years he has perfected a new blue-tinted version (£1.1m) for the EMEA market. He describes its creation as “a hellish job, requiring the growing of crystals under high pressure and heat over several months, and when you introduce colour you can never be sure of consistency so the rejection rate is high. Also, sapphire’s hardness means milling the case takes about 800 hours.” He takes great pride in the final creation, which he calls “a complete work of art”.


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