Clear Blue Hawaii: creative kayaks

Online inspiration for sea adventurers

Here’s a suggestion for adventure lovers: Clear Blue Hawaii is a website of eye-catching, portable boats suitable for all sorts of sea exploration, from paddleboards to single-person skiffs to five-person tenders. Take, for instance, the award-winning Napali ($6,351, first and second picture) – a sculptural, foldable, single-person kayak that weighs only 12kg and is so functionally beautiful that it has been made a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. The Napali comprises a corrosion-resistant Kevlar frame and a transparent, polyurethane shell. It measures 4m in length but can be stored easily in a backpack and put together in less than 30 minutes, making exploring crystalline waters and hard-to-reach coves a breeze.


Other Clear Blue Hawaii creations include the two-person Molokini ($2,299), which has padded seats and a V-shaped hull and is perfect for beginners due to its relative stability. It is made of the same durable polycarbonate that is used to make bulletproof glass and fighter-jet canopies, yet weighs an easily transportable 18kg. The Molokai ($3,705), meanwhile, is a five-person yacht tender made of a military-grade material that comes in a vibrant array of colours – mandarin-orange, continental blue and chili red, for instance – and features a durable deck, as well as two-piece oars and two-person benches. There’s also the inflatable Hanauma II kayak ($949, third picture) that holds two people and is ideal for touring.


Many of the models feature the same transparent windows that allow for dazzling underwater discoveries. But if it’s online surfing you’re after for now, the site features detailed product information and a stunning image library of the products in a variety of settings that promises to banish the winter blues.

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