A new luxury yacht launches in the Galápagos

MV Origin has 10 rooms with panoramic windows, a gym and concierge service

The Galápagos is all about the unique biodiversity that proliferates above and below sea level. The received wisdom here has always been that if you don’t charter privately – and the Galápagos is among the more costly places in the world to do so – you’re bound by limited luxury parameters (read: good thing the scenery is so beautiful, because your cabin probably won’t be). From January 2016, MV Origin (www.ecoventura.com; from $6,500 for seven nights) looks set to change that: her 10 deluxe staterooms are all spread across the main deck, with panoramic walls of windows and elegant finishes. There is extensive outdoor space given over to dining and sunning areas, a gym, satellite TV (for 24/7 newsfeed requirements) and a concierge service (for 24/7 attention). Guests will snorkel with penguins off Isabela Island, swim with sea lions at Cerro Brujo, and climb into the highlands to see giant tortoise.


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