A luxurious, community-owned Namibian safari camp

All profits from these huts are reinvested in local communities

Image: Conservancy Safaris Namibia

In Namibia water is profoundly scarce – the arid north-west sees average rainfall of just 100mm per annum. But the sere, otherworldly beauty of the landscapes is precisely what draws travellers, and it’s here that Conservancy Safaris (www.kcs-namibia.com.na) has constructed the country’s first community-owned luxury safari camp.


Etambura Camp (booked through www.zambezi.com; from $4,200 per person for five nights) has five sleek, round-roofed “huts”, each with private terrace and plunge pool overlooking the Onjuva hills. On the conservation front, the camp was designed by architect-cum-pasture-scientist Trevor Knott to make structural use of natural rock formations and salvage as much flora as possible, and 100 per cent of the profits are reinvested in the Himba and Herero communities.

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