Angelika Taschen talks personal taste: Part Two

German forests, Gerhard Richter and greengage jam conclude the publishing guru’s style bible

Angelika Taschen at her apartment in Berlin
Angelika Taschen at her apartment in Berlin | Image: Guido Castagnoli

My style icons are Charlotte Rampling and Clarissa Dalrymple, because of their nonchalant elegance. They are my role models for ageing as they look incredibly sexy in their 60s. I also admire the styles of some of the young fashion bloggers, such as Hedvig Opshaug, Eleonora Carisi and Dana Roski, because they mix high and low fashion so well.

In my fridge you’ll always find homemade greengage jam from my uncle, who lives in the countryside, and a bottle of Larmandier-Bernier champagne. I travel so much that my kitchen isn’t well stocked, so when I do come home I tend to eat out. From £39.95;

Charlotte Rampling, photographed at the Cannes Film Festival 2011
Charlotte Rampling, photographed at the Cannes Film Festival 2011 | Image: AFP/Getty Images

A recent “find” is the hotel Palazzo Margherita, owned by Francis Ford Coppola, in Bernalda, southern Italy. I love this hotel for its beautiful design, its intimacy, and for the innocent, unspoilt village in which it is located. Another great discovery is the traditional Café Confiserie Fässler in Appenzell, Switzerland. I’ve never had a better coffee with whipped cream – true Swiss quality. Café Confiserie Fässler, Hauptgasse 16, 9050 Appenzell (+4171-787 1105; Margherita, Corso Umberto 64, 75012 Bernalda (+3908-3554 9060;, from €360 per night.

The sites that inspire me are German forests, and the views, sounds and smells that can only be found in them. I grew up in the Bavarian and Black Forests, hiking and picking mushrooms and berries, and I find these places to be very secretive. One can forget everything there.


The one artist whose work I would collect if I could is Gerhard Richter. I particularly love his seascapes and cloud studies.

My favourite room in my house is my bedroom – always. It is tranquil, with a view into the green trees of the courtyard outside. It also has a balcony, and the space is very minimalist and Zen – free of clutter with just a bed, one side table, one lamp and two pieces of art.

Greengage jam made by Taschen’s uncle 
Greengage jam made by Taschen’s uncle  | Image: Guido Castagnoli

The last item of clothing I added to my wardrobe was an Eres bikini, which I bought for a trip to Zanzibar. Its swimsuits always fit well, come in beautiful colours and are of a high quality. I also recently purchased two Jil Sander coats by Raf Simons for the harsh Berlin winter. One is double-faced wool and the other is down-filled, and both keep the wind out, even when I’m riding my bike.

The person I rely on for personal grooming is my hair stylist, Robert Stranz, for cuts and blow-drying. He has a tiny salon with just two seats and one mirror, and the whole feeling is very relaxed. Almstadtstrasse 48, 10119 Berlin (+4930-2462 8200;

Palazzo Margherita hotel in Bernalda, southern Italy
Palazzo Margherita hotel in Bernalda, southern Italy

And an indulgence I would never forego is a strong Thai or shiatsu massage at Traditionelle Thai Massage. Its treatments are better than any I’ve found at a five-star spa. If I have tension in my neck – especially after a long flight – a trip here is just perfect. Torstrasse 176, 10115 Berlin (+4930-2887 9400).

If I had to limit my shopping to one neighbourhood in one city, I’d choose Berlin’s Mitte, because there is a great mix of unique shops with things you won’t find in any other city. A few of the best stores include International Wardrobe for ethnic clothing, Sabrina Dehoff for unique jewellery, and the concept store Wald-Berlin for little-known brands. I also love Nicole Hogerzeil’s shop, Schwarzhogerzeil, as well as Kaviar Gauche and fantastic bookshops such as Ocelot and Do You Read Me?. Do You Read Me?, Auguststrasse 28, 10117 Berlin (+4930-6954 9695; Wardrobe, Almstadtstrasse 50, 10119 Berlin ( Kaviar Gauche, Linienstrasse 44, 10119 Berlin (+4930-2887 3562; Ocelot, Brunnenstrasse 181, 10119 Berlin (+4930-9789 4592; Sabrina Dehoff, Torstrasse 175, 10119 Berlin (+4930-3229 70541; Schwarzhogerzeil, Mulackstrasse 28, 10119 Berlin (+4930-2887 3868; Wald-Berlin, Alte Schönhauser Strasse 32C, 10119 Berlin (+4930-6005 1164;

Taschen’s Eres bikini
Taschen’s Eres bikini | Image: Guido Castagnoli

If I didn’t live in Berlin, I would live in Chandigarh, a city two hours north of Delhi that was planned and built by Le Corbusier [who started on the project after the initial plan was prepared by the American architect Albert Mayer]. I love the houses there because they are made of handmade bricks and have a human touch, yet are thoroughly modern. In this city each sector is autonomous, with its own school and market, and there are endless trees and gardens. To me, it is the perfect combination of a place created by one of my favourite architects, set in the country that I love best – India.

If I weren’t doing what I do, I would be a florist. I would create stunning arrangements using a magical mix of everything from herbs to more formal flowers to wild varieties. I love that flowers are so temporary and I think that every stage – from blooming to decay – has its beauty.


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