Supersports sensor Piq

A wearable sports sensor that analyses your skiing, golf and tennis performance

Image: Hugh Threlfall

This wearable multisports sensor from French company Piq is the most advanced I’ve found. It’s causing huge excitement in the sports world for its ability to detect and analyse – via a smartphone app – the subtlest variants in your tennis, golf and skiing performance.


The tennis-flavoured Piq (pictured) was designed in collaboration with racket-maker Babolat, and the sensor simply slips into the fabric wristband to give you information on your shot speed and stroke. Post-match, it will give you a detailed analysis of your performance – best serve, best rally – and an overall score. There are different accessories for golf and skiing (the latter an ankle strap) using the same sensor.


This slip of a sensor is quite amazing. It weighs just 9.8g and measures 44mm x 38mm x 5.4mm; it is waterproof (which suggests to me a swimming version may be in the works) and carries a digital display readable in bright sunlight. It has Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) for wireless connectivity, and the core technology is a 13-axis sensor. I didn’t even realise there were 13 axes. But when you consider that a skier, for example, has an intimate interest in his or her speed, duration, rotation, airtime, landing force, transition, carving angle, number of runs and turns, then yes, there are a lot of axes out there.