RHA T10i earphones

Beautifully engineered headphones that stay stay put come what may

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It took me a while to warm to these upmarket in-ear headphones from Glasgow’s RHA, but warm up to them I did. The T10i earphones are superb-looking, beautifully engineered and very comfortable. They sound like a model twice the price – albeit one heavy on the bass, so better for rock than classical. And despite the moulded-metal ear inserts being big, meaty beasts, they stay firmly in your ears – even if you were exercising vigorously, I imagine. They also come with a range of effective sound-adapting tips that can, for example, slacken off the bass a bit.


Why, then, was I not won over straight away? Well, during several attempts, interspersed by petulant email exchanges with RHA (me petulant, that is, they impeccably mannered), I couldn’t get the T10is to stay in my ears – a prerequisite, IMHO, for in-ear models. The problem was that the ear hooks, which ensure that they cling like limpets to your lugs, are made of memory metal, but my sample seemed to be suffering from amnesia. The trick, it turned out, was to manipulate the hooks much more firmly, after which they behaved beautifully. I still find it a bit of a business to get the T10is in and out, but for anyone who wants great-sounding cans that, once you have the knack, stay put come what may, these are they.

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