A clever gadget that transforms your music players into a multiroom system

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Let’s say you’re such a party animal you own a JBL Professional EON206 and a Marshall Woburn. The JBL, because it’s a rugged beast you set up outside on a terrace, the Woburn in a room assigned for serious dancing. That leaves your proper hifi playing softly in a more conversational room.

But what if all these systems could play the same music at the same time, albeit at different volumes? In other words, a multiroom audio system that’s not a Sonos (reliant on having several same-brand Sonos players) and not a full-on multiroom system plumbed deep into your very masonry, but a setup that incorporates all your existing music players?


With a Gramofon, an incredibly clever Spanish gadget, attached to each of your sound systems, you can stream the same music all over your home – from a phone, computer or any other device – or have different music coming from different players, all via your existing WiFi system. Gramofon will even allow you to source music from online services like estimable high-resolution Tidal.

Alongside its music-distribution role, Gramofon acts as a WiFi extender, making it useful long after the party is over.


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