Kano’s brilliant build-your-own-computer

Make A Computer can be used to code, surf the web and write documents

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for any tech-minded person aged between eight and 80, I can’t recommend this new, British build-your-own-computer kit highly enough. I’d be as excited opening it today as I would have been as a kid.


Indeed, maybe more so. When I received my Philips Electronic Engineer set in the 1970s it was terrific, but the packaging and out-of-box experience, as it would now be called, was only so-so. But the Kano Make A Computer practically sings at you out of the box.


This then is an ideally presented Raspberry Pi 2 mini computer with all the parts (keyboard, cables, speaker, WiFi dongle, case) needed to turn the raw circuit board into a ready-to-code Linux-touting computer. The building bit doesn’t take long – no soldering or fancy stuff – and the finished machine can do everything from coding and web surfing to writing documents and making spreadsheets, and much more. There’s no screen, but Kano has a matching, assemble-it-yourself one coming out imminently. Utterly enticing and just all-round brilliant.

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