Monster iSport Bluetooth headphones

The first in-ear wireless headphones that are perfect for gym bunnies

Image: Hugh Threlfall

We’ve seen in-ear Bluetooth headphones before, and we’ve seen in-ear sports headphones with a curved rubbery inset to keep them in your ears while doing your gym thing. These, from the esteemed Monster audio company, are the first in-ear sports wireless headphones I’ve come across – quite a thing for anyone who exercises, as running on machines with a wire attached has brought about many expensive disasters.


Once you have worked out how to get the headphones into your ears (it’s not obvious – best to look at the YouTube videos), they stay in like little limpets and water-resistant ear tips ensure they don’t slip out when you get sweaty. They can work for five hours on one charge and are usable up to 15m from an iPhone or Android. With the easily locatable buttons on the wire you can control volume, move through tracks and, with an iPhone, summon the ever-improving Apple Siri to discover just by asking aloud, the capital of Bolivia, say, or the ingredients for an Old Fashioned. Sound quality is pretty good, although as a loudness junkie I would prefer just five per cent more volume. Highly commendable and useful nonetheless.

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