QNap QGenie

This seven-in-one back-up device is an exemplary business gadget

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I saw this new, hyper-adaptable, seven-in-one portable device from Taiwan (which strongly resembles an old iPod) at a trade show and asked for a sample because it looked like a supremely useful business gadget. The sample then lay on my shelf because it seemed less sexy once I got it home. Then I started playing with it, and my word it’s brilliant. Why was this not part of my work paraphernalia all these months?


The QGenie is a 32Gb (expandable to 2Tb) mobile NAS (Network Attached Storage) that can be used by up to 20 people and eight devices to share photos, videos or music. It also functions as a simple, high-speed file back-up device with USB 3.0 access; a portable personal cloud; a phonebook backup for iOS and Android products; a (modest but handy) power bank for recharging phones; a wireless access point to share a single internet connection; an in-car/yacht/aircraft media server; and, oh yes, a thing for taking stones out of horses’ hooves. All right, I made up that last one – but this is an electronic version of a Swiss Army Knife, make no mistake. Rather cool, actually, once you get to grips with it.


Our IT man also rates the RavPower Xtreme Series PowerBank RP-PB14 for business trips, but for a serious bit of at-home file back-up there’s the iOSafe 214.

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