RavPower Xtreme Series PowerBank RP-PB14

A new lightweight but powerful charger that’s handy for long-haul trips

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Having expounded on the boring-but-vital matter of backup with the ioSafe 214, now the boring-but-also-important question of power. When I travel long haul on a flight without in-seat power, I carry a PowerTraveller PowerGorilla to give my MacBook a few extra hours, or my iPad almost eternal life.


This, from US maker RavPower, claims to have almost 10 per cent more capacity (23,000 mAh against the British PowerGorilla’s 21,000). It’s also 10 per cent lighter, a little smaller – and half the price. It has four outlets instead of two, so you could rig it up to charge several gadgets – it comes with tips for most phones, tablets and PC laptops. With your own leads, it will also boost your iDevices.


What then, about MacBooks, with their MagSafe charger plugs? Tricky area, this. It is the will of Apple that you don’t use external chargers; they’re not sold by Apple Stores, and MagSafe isn’t licensed to non-Apple manufacturers. However, the very latest MacBook models have quite enough battery life to do a decent day’s work without power assistance. Otherwise, it’s best to regard the adaptable, neat and useful PowerBank as essentially for PC and tablet users only.

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