Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB

This gem of a turntable also digitises your vinyl collection

Vinyl is the music medium that refuses to lie down and die. Cassettes, eight-tracks, even CDs come and go, but records continue to cling to their niche and even grow in popularity. This is partly a hipster-ish fashion thing, plus both the records and their paraphernalia are attractive. But there are sound, audiophile reasons to respect vinyl too. Listen to a top audio brand – I’d suggest Linn, which likes to “own the entire soundpath”, from record to speakers – and see whether you’re still sceptical. I’d suggest that an own-recording Linn disc played on a Linn deck (the Glasgow company started out in turntables) and played through a Linn system offers about the best sound possible – gutsier and markedly different from a CD or digital.


If you’re not quite up for going the whole vinyl hog but miss your record collection, this turntable with a USB output is a gem. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB is a prodigious deck to work with your existing hi-fi, but will also digitise your records so you can enjoy them in the car or on an aeroplane. The unit is remarkably well made, decent looking and easy to use. Groovy gear indeed.

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