Knomo Knomad Mini Power

A brilliantly designed bag for electronic items, with its own in‑built charger

Image: Hugh Threlfall

You can spend half a lifetime adjusting and refining the way you pack your electronic stuff for a business trip, and then something that’s perhaps not earth-shattering but definitely clever will come along to disturb your world a little. When this, from the classy British bag and case maker Knomo, arrived, I was reminded of what it was like, in the pre-digital age, to move into a new diary each January. Your replacement Letts would always have some feature you hadn’t realised you needed, but did, over the year, improve your life. So it is with the Knomad Mini Power portable organiser.


The Knomad is an iPad Mini-sized bag to go inside another bag. You could, I suppose, carry it on its own like a clutch, but I wouldn’t. None of this sounds particularly promising, but the Knomad turns out to be a brilliantly designed fold-out receptacle with a satisfying range of pockets and straps for tablet, leads, adaptors, headphones, spare phone and so on. Best of all, it cunningly conceals a slim, custom-designed auxiliary battery of a sizeable 5000mAh capacity, to keep your phones and tablet topped up on the go. Practical and nicely made. A bigger, iPad Air version is also available (£50, without the battery).

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