Grado PS1000e headphones

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Image: Hugh Threlfall

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There is a level of technology product that is so refined, so head-in‑the-clouds brilliant that, like the genius professor who can barely get dressed in the morning, it looks deceptively amateurish. Such a product is this new über-audiophile set of headphones from Brooklyn family company Grado.


The PS1000es have a strong claim to being the best headphones money can buy, even though they are fairly big and heavy, the plastic “R” and “L” indicating right and left look inexpensive and the lead is cumbersome. It’s also a shame the virtuoso technical features, such as those (actually very handsome) shiny round bits being shot through with bubbles like an Aero bar to stop resonance, aren’t especially visible. But then you start listening to music… and you are lost. The only possible response is wow. Then wow again. And thrice wow. I promise: you too will be lost for words.

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