Samsung HU7200 UHD TV

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I have to admit that I was a little sceptical when curved-screen TVs appeared a couple of years ago. It seemed like a gimmick too far. Yet having spent time with this beautiful 55in model from TV meisters Samsung, I now get it.


The first benefit is that your viewing angle can be far more obtuse – you can watch comfortably from way off-centre. This is surprisingly useful, since the most spacious interiors aren’t necessarily conducive to sitting plumb in front of the screen. Second, there’s a clearly visible improvement in the depth of the picture. I’m not talking about (pointless) 3D here, but an engaging sense of vision-filling immersiveness, if you like, with what’s on the screen. The third, rather counter-intuitive benefit is that, as part of the immersive sensation, the colours look better and richer, yet more natural. No one can quite explain why this happens, but it most certainly does. The Samsung curved-screen experience, then, is one to be taken seriously. It just works – and looks pretty fine when it’s off too.

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