Blackbox M16 headphones

These headphones don’t just cancel noise – they reject it

I had a smidgen of doubt about the previous headphones I featured from Blackbox. Although its still current i10 in-ear noise-cancelling model is very compact and has a great “over-talk” feature, so you can hear at the touch of a button what people around you are saying, for me, the noise cancelling also cancelled a lot of the music, making it just too quiet to listen to comfortably, especially in flight.


The new M16 looks more conventional but doesn’t suffer the same sound attenuation. The iPhone/Pad/Pod-friendly M16 features something called Active Noise Rejection, which I don’t quite understand, but works brilliantly. The ’phones also sound good, if not spectacular, especially when the noise rejection is doing its thing. They also work when the 50-hour battery life ends. It comes with a good microphone and control unit for iPhone use; it can also be used as a computer headset for Skype calls.