Loewe Speaker2go

Wireless stereo sound that’s not so small but perfectly formed

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The continuing tidal wave of portable, one-box stereo speakers using Bluetooth (in its superb latest AptX iteration) for wireless music input continues. Most of these, such as the wonderful Jambox range, and even the rather stylish Beats Pill, are portable and ideal for travel. Some, on the other hand, are big, mains-powered machines such as the fab (but aesthetically boring) Minx Air 200.


The Speaker2go from top German brand Loewe is on the large side (24cm x 5.1cm x 10.5cm and weighing 1.3 kg) for throwing in a suitcase, although it comes with a nice protective bag if you want to show it off.


It may not be obvious from the photo, but the build quality of the Speaker2go is amazingly high, and the thoughtful touches in the design are so, well, German. At the front, for instance, there’s a little rubberised foot to raise it up just a few millimetres to get the angle just right. Electronically, from controls to blissful audio, it’s jolly near perfect. I defy you not to find it irresistible.

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