Kingston media hub and battery booster

The MobileLite provides on-the-go power in phenomenally small proportions

Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you’re lightening your business travel load with the Asus PadFone 2, you might well also look at this hero of miniaturisation from Kingston Technology. Its MobileLite Wireless all-in-one media hub and battery booster looks grey and boring, but is simply brilliant – all the more so because it measures just 12.5cm x 6cm x 1.7cm and weighs a puny 98g. When you consider that a media hub such as the Corsair Voyager Air, which I featured in May, measures 17.4cm x 5cm x 24.3cm and weighs 739g, you see my point.


The drawback is that the MobileLite doesn’t have a hard drive. This may seem a considerable problem, but what it does have is slots for SD cards and USB sticks, which are now readily available up to 256Gb. So it’s plausible to keep a few dozen films, say, on one, and all your business presentations on another, and have a very reasonable amount of storage that takes up no appreciable bag space. The MobileLite can stream to three devices simultaneously over a few metres’ range – and as a handy bonus, its lithium battery can also give your phone or tablet an emergency boost.

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