Jawbone Jambox

A beautifully designed wireless speaker that makes a terrific sound

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I hate Bluetooth headsets and, although those made by Jawbone are among the best, the Jawbone brand on the box still ensured that when this Bluetooth wireless stereo amp and speaker turned up unrequested, I didn’t open it.

When I was packing for a trip to Las Vegas recently, however, I threw it in my bag to try out in my hotel. The room at Caesar’s Palace was the size of Wales, so it was a good test ground. And guess what? The Jawbone Jambox is wonderful – far and away the best of its genre I’ve tried. It almost filled Room 3665/Wales.


The design of the Jambox is by Yves Béhar and the build is terrific – a hugely satisfying rubbery construction that you won’t be able to stop fondling. It gives 10 hours of streamed quality racket from your laptop or smartphone and has a range of about 30ft.

The Jambox can be a bit tricksy with some Mac computers, but I’m promised there will have been a fix to this glitch by the time you read this.


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