Living Control Studio6 MediaServer

This video and audio system is the ultimate in seamless luxury – and it can be hidden away in a cupboard

Image: Hugh Threlfall

This multiroom server, designed and made in Kent, is just about the ultimate in luxury, seamlessness and convenience when it comes to home entertainment. The Living Control Studio6 MediaServer is intended to be hidden away out of view in a cupboard and to act as the hub of a whole-house system of the gods.

Based around a 3TB hard drive that can store the content of some 500 DVDs, it is said to be the only such device capable of simultaneously sending two independent streams of Full HD (1080p) video and four streams of high-resolution (24bit/96kHz) audio to six or more rooms. Do note that this isn’t done wirelessly; it needs cabling. So from a single box, two people can be watching different HD films and four people can be listening to different music, all at audiophile quality.


Although the Studio6 is a pretty complex system to get your head round, in reality you’re unlikely to furrow your brow too much. Most of Living Control’s customers are too busy to fret over detail, and they won’t be frustrated when they get to use this system: it’s user-friendly to the point of distinct mateyness.

Alert readers may be wondering how you download all those DVDs onto a hard drive, when doing so is a grey area legally. Speak to Living Control or an installer; there are solutions.