One For All SV 1730 Wireless TV Sender

A simple but unique way of transmitting TV around the home

Image: Hugh Threlfall

There aren’t many things more irritating than wanting to watch the output of your set-top box in a different room from usual and discovering that there is no official way of transmitting it around the house. Well, there is, but it involves getting in Sky, BT, Virgin or whoever with their cables and staple guns and installing a second box – not ideal for an impulsive desire to watch Sky Sports, etc in bed.


This then is a cheap and cheerful, but so far as I know unique, way of sending television signals around a house. It consists of two small, fairly flimsy transmitter/receivers that are pretty simple to set up on either a temporary or permanent basis – and it works. How well depends on many variables, especially the other radio signals bonging about locally. The SV 1730 operates on the 580GHz frequency, which should be interference free, though don’t count on it. I’ve seen it do brilliantly and not so brilliantly. If in principle it answers a need in your home, buy it, but from a vendor with a money-back policy.

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