Spy Hawk Ready-To-Fly FPV plane

A mini video glider that’s a real high-flier

Image: Hugh Threlfall

If the iO Play2 offers a great deal of technology for an implausibly modest price, this boys’ toy has an insane amount of technology for the money.


Drones have a controversial image these days, but that’s hardly the Spy Hawk mini video glider’s fault. It comes with an FPV (first person view) system that sends a live feed to a 3.5in LCD screen on the transmitter and records the same in-flight video on a slot-in SD memory card. The little aircraft also has a stabilisation system that makes it, if not a piece of cake to fly, quite easy with some practice. You can switch to autopilot mode in which a gyro will keep you level, adjusting even for light wind. Beware, though, it’s very light (180g in flying mode) and small (wingspan, 843mm; length 617mm), so you do need a calm day to avoid disaster.


Its range is officially 200m with a maximum 15-minute flight time, but get to know its ways and you should get 30 minutes and be able to maintain control and video streaming up to 400m.