Dyson’s brilliant new take on the floor lamp

The Lightcycle Floor Light is a sight for sore eyes

Dyson Lightcycle floor light, £650
Dyson Lightcycle floor light, £650 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

My eyes are doing what many people’s eyes do when they pass 45: demanding more and better light to read printed material. So I recently bought one of those British designed-and-made Serious Readers lights you see advertised in magazines, aimed at the more mature market. It’s pretty basic technology with a heavily engineered stand, and it does the job – making old-school reading less strenuous on the eyes. Its design is, however, rather British Leyland c1980. When my younger daughter saw it, she said, “Dad, why have you got a dentist’s light?” 

This new model from James Dyson’s lighting specialist son Jake, now integrated into the family mothership down in Wiltshire (and, yes, Singapore), is the other end of the scale from my Serious Readers clunker. It looks ludicrously cool; it’s a superb piece of physical and electronic design; and it also makes reading for the tired-of-eyeball much, much easier.


What I love about the literally brilliant Lightcycle Floor Light is that you can adjust both the intensity and the colour – from smoochily low to ultra-bright. What I admire, but can’t be bothered with, is that you can run the light from an app and program it to track the time of day, adjusting the light accordingly. Thank you. Life. Too. Short.


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