The “Tesla of toothbrushes” has landed and it’s worthy of the buzz

Streamlined, gentle and with an optional subscription service, Quip sets a new standard in electric toothbrushes

Quip, $40; $10 for three-monthly service pack; $75 for two brushes; $20 for two subscriptions
Quip, $40; $10 for three-monthly service pack; $75 for two brushes; $20 for two subscriptions | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I have long awaited an electric toothbrush that can morph from home bathroom use to travel and back again. Quip, from the US and now available in the UK, is just such an appliance – muscular enough for home use but with dinky dimensions for life on the move. Quip has a neat sticky strip that allows you to attach it to a mirror – and, instead of a cumbersome mains recharging system, simply uses an AAA battery, with a typical life of three months. It also cuts out a lot of the complications of recent leading-edge toothbrushes, such as phone-app controls and loud bossy mechanisms to make you brush each quadrant of your mouth for equal times. There’s just a useful pulse every 30 seconds to gently remind you to move on to a different part of your mouth, and another to let you know you’ve done your two minutes. There’s also an optional subscription service to send you new heads, battery and toothpaste every three months.  


What’s “the Tesla of toothbrushes”, as it’s been called, like to use? It’s quite a lot gentler than other high-end electric brushes, and I’m convinced that’s a good thing: it doesn’t spray toothpaste all over the mirror; it doesn’t make me feel my expensive veneers will be shaken loose. And yet it cleans quite superbly. Insofar as you can love a toothbrush, I love this.


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