A suitcase-space-saving luggage compressor

The Vago is a neat little gadget that will pack clothes into efficient “laundry bricks” to maximise your carry-on

Vago luggage compressor, from $84
Vago luggage compressor, from $84 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Historically, I have not been a light traveller – I was the one with a full 23kg suitcase even for a short trip. I justified this on the grounds that in a lot of places, you can’t be confident about the climate, so need both cold- and warm-weather gear – New York being a case in point, where it can swing a full 20ºC in a day.


Recently, however, I have made a concerted effort to be more fleet of foot at check-in and on landing, travelling only with my overhead-rack friendly Away Carry-On case. And all has been going OK, apart from when I repack at the end of a trip I find that used clothing – even when folded – is significantly bulkier than clean and it’s a fight to fit it all in. But those days are over now, thanks to this supremely portable luggage compressor, Vago, a rather cute little cylinder just 7cm long, which, in combination with its official vacuum bags, will compress a heap of assorted cloth into a veritable laundry brick of substantially less capacity. It’s also useful if you’re travelling to colder climes and want to shoehorn in bulkier items of clothing such as puffa jackets and chunky jumpers. Of course, if your clothes are compressed, you can get more into a case, and you could trigger the 10kg weight limit some airlines place on carry-ons. I have yet to encounter an airline weighing cabin bags, but be warned. 


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