A dongle to guarantee a glitch-free presentation

The easy-to-set-up Airtame 2 saves lost time in meetings due to tech issues and even enables screens that are not in use to double as digital signage

Airtame 2, €399
Airtame 2, €399 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Copenhagen startup Airtame cites a report that 10 per cent of time in meetings can be swallowed up by tech issues. In my experience, it’s more; the anguished fiddling with leads as the host company tries to make it possible for visitors to show their presentation on a TV screen has replaced the vintage school scenario of the befuddled teacher trying to make the overhead projector work.


Last year I reviewed Airtame’s first product, a dongle like a Google Chromecast that plugs into a meeting-room TV and enables anyone on (almost) any portable device to “throw” sound and vision onto the screen. It was effective, but setup and functionality were tricky. Well, Airtame shipped 120,000 units, it says, to organisations ranging from businesses and schools to sports teams, artists and a 12th-century church. And now it has a substantially improved model, Airtame 2, which has greatly boosted functionality. It’s easier to set up and more stable, and these great Danes have cleverly added a way for screens that aren’t in use to double as digital signage. This is such a good product I’m intrigued to see what Airtame 3 is like.


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