The king of true-wireless earphones

Master & Dynamic’s MW07s come up trumps for sound and fit in a best of three scenario

Master & Dynamic MW07, £279
Master & Dynamic MW07, £279 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

And now for something slightly different: a group review. Kind of. I currently have a desk cluttered with new true-wireless, independently powered earphones, and rather than drip-feed them to you, it will be more useful to encompass all three in one. As you can see from the accompanying photo, Master & Dynamic’s MW07 is my top tip of the three, but hear me out, because they all have their attractions.

The MW07s look hefty but they fit and feel like a dream thanks to the curious feathery rubber “wings” that snuggle into the back of your ears. Although they come in fancy designs like the tortoiseshell acetate of my sample, they also look almost invisible compared to the Apple’s visually intrusive AirPods (unchanged for over two years, but serving as the gold standard of true wireless due to their ubiquity). This is a major plus. The sound is not as big and loud as Apple’s AirPods, but it’s subtler and more refined. And the buttons on the earpieces are push-button rather than touch. Good job.


So what about the other two contenders, Jabra’s Elite 65ts, which costs just over half the MW07s £279? These phones sound similar, maybe 85 per cent as good, and have more sonic tricks up their sleeve with their dedicated app. But the Jabras look weirdly NHS-issue, and the charger case is surely one of the worst designs to come out of Denmark. Finally, at the same price, RHA’s much-advertised TrueConnect, from Glasgow. These look superb, like AirPods gone right, the case is the coolest and the battery life the best. But their sound output is too low for me. So unless you have super-sensitive hearing, they’re out. So go MW07 – New York’s finest. 


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