A live-stream spin class with Leonardo DiCaprio et al

New-York startup Peleton’s Manhattan spin classes can be streamed to thousands of riders at home and will soon be coming to London

Peloton Bike, £1,990 plus £39 per month
Peloton Bike, £1,990 plus £39 per month | Image: Hugh Threlfall

If I might briefly be an embarrassing dad-type, until recently I thought spin classes were some kind of synchronised yarn making. I now know differently, following an exhausting but exhilarating 30-minute session at the disco-like studio of New York startup Peloton.


The Peloton crew hate the term spinning, preferring to describe it as indoor cycling, but that’s no reason not to dub them the Sultans of Spin, as their classes are reportedly taken by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Phelps and the Obamas. Here, however, is the techie – and trend-defining – twist. I saw none of the above at my class. But they may well have been thrashing along with the 57 of us in Lower Manhattan, egged on by a muscular dude named Cody. Because within the studio is a broadcasting room from which Peloton can stream classes live to thousands of riders at a time, exercising at home on the company’s carbon-steel-framed bikes, topped with a 22in touchscreen. When I tried the system at home in London, I felt I was back on West 23rd Street – it truly gets you into the vibe. The time difference is unhelpful, though, so live Central London-based classes will be coming soon. When they are up and running, there’ll be more than 20 live classes a day from one centre or the other, along with a back catalogue of 10,000-plus recorded classes. Spinsational.


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