A multifunction safety alarm for intrepid runners

The Run Angel has a 120-decibel alarm and will send emergency texts and emails if you have an accident

Run Angel, £85
Run Angel, £85 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

The Run Angel, a wristwatch-style device from Cork, looks like a fitness tracker, but it’s not. It is a safety aid aimed at runners, walkers, cyclists and hikers. Most of its interior is a large, patent-pending acoustic chamber. A touch of the button and its primary feature – a 120-decibel squeal – ensues, and will continue if necessary for an hour. Technically, that is equivalent to standing in front of the speakers at a gig, and although it doesn’t seem anything like that loud, it’s exceptionally penetrating, so knowing I had a Run Angel would make me feel a lot more secure.


A friend of mine lives in isolated woods north of New York and runs there daily; she was excited by Run Angel as she occasionally sees odd people on her runs and was certain that if any had malicious intent, the squawk would send them packing. Sarah’s view on the absence of any fitness-tracking functionality was that she’s happy to let her Fitbit do that on her other wrist. The Run Angel doesn’t just make a reassuringly annoying noise. It also flashes SOS in Morse code, visible at night. And via the phone you should always have with you when running somewhere remote, it will send texts and emails to designated guardians detailing your exact position if you have an accident. A life-saver.



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