A mini smart phone with maxi powers

Unihertz’s dual-SIM Jelly Pro has all the muscle of a 4G smartphone despite being a fraction of the size

Jelly Pro, around £100
Jelly Pro, around £100 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

How about this, then: the smallest 4G smartphone on the market? The Jelly Pro, from Shanghai-based Unihertz, measures 9.2cm x 4.3cm x 1.3cm and weighs 60.3g, battery included. This makes it almost small enough to lose in a trouser pocket or fit in the jeans coin pocket nobody ever uses.

The Jelly Pro is, unsurprisingly, quite fiddly, and its battery life is not massive, but it’s OK for texting and navigating the web. And voice calls work well, considering the whole thing is not much bigger than one ear. But it’s more than just a miniature gimmick and could prove a very useful weapon to have in your business-trip technology armoury.


How so? Well, a local phone number on a local network is still a must on extended business trips. It’s far more reliable and less troublesome for local contacts dialling you and for you dialling or texting out. The benefit of the Jelly is that while it has all the chops of a 4G smartphone, it’s far smaller and less burdensome than even dumb phones like the Nokia 3310 or the Punkt MP01 that business travellers are using now for those essential local communications.

It’s also, remarkably, a twin-SIM phone of the kind favoured in east Asia but rarely seen elsewhere. So if you were really serious about reducing the bulk of your gadgetry, you could put your UK and your local SIM in the Jelly, utilise its 4G capacity and have everything in one Munchkin-sized device.


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