Air ioniser that monitors air purity

Falmec’s Bellaria releases a constant stream of mood-enhancing ions into a room and doubles as a subtle, dimmable room light

Falmec Bellaria, £849
Falmec Bellaria, £849 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I am always amazed and impressed by the energy and scale of business in Venice’s hinterland. It is so easy to forget what an awesome industrial power Italy remains. Among the many companies beavering away in this area is Falmec, which makes air extraction units such as cooker hoods.


This, the Bellaria, is Falmec’s upmarket take on one of the least spectacular pieces of domestic technology, the air ioniser, which for decades people have used to pull pollutants out of the air and inject a constant stream of mood-enhancing negative ions into a room. I’ve been through a heap of cheap ionisers and they always end up dirty and uncleanable with all the grime they’ve extracted. The Bellaria may be considerably more expensive than most ionisers on the market, but it is a thing of substance and beauty that doubles as a subtle, dimmable room light made from Murano glass – just because, being based near Murano, Falmec can.


Falmec has a patented ioniser technology it calls E.ion, which doesn’t just clean the air, but provides a running commentary by way of coloured lights on the purity of your atmosphere. Falmec also claims that tests at the University of Padua found a reduction of 85 per cent in bacteria in the air when the unit is operating – not an easy claim to check, but I can affirm that the air where I’ve had it quietly whirring away (it is motor-assisted, which is unusual in an ioniser) certainly smells delightful. It also collects the grime in its replaceable filters, so unlike with other ionisers, the outer casing doesn’t seem to get filthy.

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