A posture-improving wireless keyboard

The Bluetooth-enabled Logitech K780 can work with a laptop, phone or tablet

Logitech K780, £80
Logitech K780, £80 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Much as I love using my 12in MacBook as my main computer, I do tend to hunch over it when I’m concentrating. So I decided to buy a stand for when I’m using it as a desktop, plus a separate wireless keyboard. 


The stand that I selected from Amazon, the £23.50 Nexstand, was an excellent choice; it even packs down to be portable. For a keyboard, I tried Apple’s own, which is superb function-wise but was too small (if I’m going down the messy, contraption-heavy route, I might as well have a full-sized PC-style keyboard). After trying others, I settled on this Logitech. The design is a bit cumbersome; about once a week, the Bluetooth disconnects and needs re-pairing (a 20-second job); and a lighted caps-lock key would be an improvement. But for comfort and utility, I’m delighted, as is my back – even if my once-neat deskscape is ruined. 


The Logitech has a gutter on its leading edge to accommodate a phone or tablet, which you can connect to at the same time as your laptop and switch quickly from typing on one device to another from the same quiet but pleasingly clicky keys.

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