An iPad that performs like a laptop

The improved size, utility and performance of the iPad Pro 10.5 make it a worthy alternative to a laptop

Apple iPad Pro 10.5, from £619
Apple iPad Pro 10.5, from £619 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Last year, Apple brought out a 9.7in version of its 12.9in iPad Pro – the iPad line that allows use of the Apple Pencil Steve Jobs promised would never exist (he hated styluses). While the senior iPad Pro caught on, the 9.7in was an oddity. The same size as an iPad Air, it didn’t quite have its own personality, and it was possible to forget it was a Pro model at all. This slightly bigger new Pro, at 10.5in, has the size perfect this time. It is big enough for a designer to work with the stylus, and perfectly sized to type on with an Apple Smart Keyboard – but also small enough to read documents or watch films on a plane. 


The 10.5in Pro (which, due to a thinner border, is actually barely bigger than the 9.7in) has some other worthwhile improvements too. Scrolling down pages is smoother, thanks to a doubled refresh rate. Latency with the Pencil is down to near-zero for a more pen-like experience. And the Pro is 30 per cent faster than previous models, while the battery life stands at 10 hours.


With the Apple keyboard and a 500Gb SSD drive (just like the top-of-range MacBook), the 10.5in Pro comes in at £1,007, but if working full-time on a tablet suits you, it can do a serious laptop-like job. 

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