The world’s biggest storage drive – in a tiny package

A lifetime’s worth of data fits into a pocket with Kingston’s vast USB flash drive

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT 2Tb, £1,308
Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT 2Tb, £1,308 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Time again to talk about storage, which, next to backing up, is my dullest (but most essential) tech topic. You don’t need me to tell you that data storage has undergone a revolution in recent years. Not long after I started this column, a floppy disc could hold 1.4Mb, which equates to a couple of Word documents or half a badly recorded song. 


Well, this zinc alloy-bodied new USB drive by Kingston, which measures 75mm x 27mm x 21mm – about half a chunky chocolate bar – comes in two capacities, 1Tb and 2Tb, and being non-mechanical (aka “solid state”), that’s super-fast access storage too. So with one of these you could put as much data as you have generated in your entire working and private life into one pocket. Sure, you can keep terabytes of stuff stored on cloud services, but try accessing it in, say, China, and you’ll wish you had this in your travel bag


I spent some time playing with the 2Tb version – the world’s biggest flash drive, no less – and you’d need to be a geek like moi to be thrilled by it. But if it’s not immediately exciting to you, consider some stats. The DataTraveler Ultimate GT, 2Tb version, is the equivalent of 500 regular 4Gb USB sticks, and is capable of storing 768,000 Megapixel photos, or 70 hours of 4K video, or 1,792 MP4 films, or 531,344 MP3 tracks. Oh, and it replaces just under 1.5 million 1980s floppy discs, which would weigh 28.5 tonnes, or stack in a tower 4.5km tall. So you’re probably getting the picture. These things are vast. And there’s nothing to stop you carrying two (except, perhaps, that each costs about the same as a top-spec laptop).

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