A great-looking, multitasking MacBook hub

HooToo’s clever multiport hub powers your MacBook and supports accessories at the same time

If you are one of the many owners of a late-model Apple MacBook, the single USB-C accessory port introduced in 2015 will probably be causing you considerable angst. The tiny, new-standard, multipurpose port is a great idea and wonderfully tidy compared to lines of conventional USB and other ports. 


But it is based on premises few of us are happy buying into – to wit, that you will only ever want to connect your computer wirelessly to headphones, printers, etc; and that you won’t want to keep your computer charging while you have headphones, printers, etc, plugged in. Yet one of the many genius features of USB-C is that the solitary port can be used to charge both your laptop and support accessories at the same time – so if you connect a USB-C hub to the port, it is actually rather omnipotent.


Question is – which hub? Apple makes a couple of rather lame dongles. I have tried a few third-party hubs, but found the cheaper ones severely wanting. This, however, from HooToo, has been a revelation. It’s rock-stable and 100 per cent reliable, which, in my extensive and irritation-filled experience, cheaper types are not. It also looks both handsome and purposeful alongside the world’s most glamorous laptops. 

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