A trail-blazing bicycle light

The Blaze Laserlight is a life-saver for cyclists

Blaze Laserlight, from £125
Blaze Laserlight, from £125 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Many in our early-21st-century world don’t realise that cycling wasn’t always fashionable – or, indeed, even regarded as exercise. Fifty years ago, it was the preferred mode of transport for vicars, elderly ladies and those who were too lazy to walk. I remember a school rugby captain telling an unfit hooker that the first thing he needed to do to get in shape was to “get rid of that bike”. 


This piece of kit, from an east London startup, has caught on faster than almost any gadget I’ve seen. One minute it appeared on social media, and the next (well done, digital marketing people) all over London, even being fitted on all the city’s 12,000 Santander bicycles, destined forever to be known as Boris bikes. 


The Blaze Laserlight is a powerful LED cycle light with a unique and truly life-saving feature, which, as a driver or pedestrian, you’ve very likely seen and wondered at. The Blaze projects onto the road 6m ahead of it a green bike symbol, visible from all angles (since it’s laser generated, as the name suggests). This means that from a visibility standpoint, your bike is in effect 6m long, and thus users (often novices on Boris bikes) feel a lot safer, as indeed they are. The Laserlight clearly works best in darkness or low light, which accounts for the majority of commuting hours in winter. Just please mind even more carefully how you go when it’s too bright to use the device. 

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