Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales

A weighty complement to the excellent Ultra

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Technopolis TV viewers may remember the Ultra activity‑and-sleep tracker by Fitbit I reviewed (and loved) last year. It’s a dongle-like device that tracks your movements, downloading to your computer a graphical and statistical breakdown of how much exercise you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burnt and so on. It also knows (by means of a mini altimeter) when you are ascending stairs and therefore burning extra calories.  


The one thing the Ultra can’t do, obviously, is weigh you. That’s what this latest Fitbit gadget does. The Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is normal-sized and chatters away in the background to your computer, logging your weight and BMI changes each time you step on it, and presenting you (via Fitbit’s cloud application) with the bald truth to study online at your leisure.


I have to be honest and mention that the (strictly optional) “community” aspects of the Fitbit ecosystem are absolutely not for moi: I do not wish to “share” the matter of my porkiness any more than I want my socks to have their own Twitter feed.

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