PSB M4U headphones

Crystal-clear audio and supreme comfort from a leading marque

Image: Hugh Threlfall

These new headphones, the first ever made by respected Canadian hi-fi speaker manufacturer PSB, are one of the best work, leisure and travel models I’ve come across. They are cleverly – and robustly – designed to fold down to a reasonably compact form, have superb noise cancellation that doesn’t make you feel weird or queasy, are super-comfortable, barely leak any sound and also have a couple of design flourishes that had me totally sold.


Let me mention the sound first. The PSBs are absolutely superb: warm, detailed and powerful – so much so that I found myself listening to tracks repeatedly just to experience a new perspective on them. The clever little extras I referred to will resonate with anyone who listens to music on planes and trains. Firstly, the lead can plug in to either ear cup – it’s surprising how handy this is – or not be plugged in at all. I’ve used them purely as glorified earmuffs on flights and they are comfortable enough to sleep in for hours. The second thing I love is that they have the rarely seen but incredibly useful talk-over button, so when the flight attendant asks if it’s beef or chicken, you can hear, and respond without yelling. A terrific product.

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