Olympus E-P2

Twiddles and tweaks make the new Olympus Pen even more desirable than its predecessor.

Team Saatchi’s Kevin Spacey-fronted “Don’t Be a Tourist” ad campaign for the marvellous Olympus Pen E-P1 camera has succeeded in making it even more ridiculously fashionable than did my review of the camera last October.

Now Olympus, back from obscurity in ever more style, has released an improved E-P1, the all-black E-P2. You won’t have to throw away your E-P1, as it does 95 per cent of what the E-P2 does. But if you’re getting into the Pen world, then you might as well go for the new model.


Its main feature is an electronic viewfinder, but it also has some good software twiddles, such as allowing the camera to automatically select ideal scene settings. The port that the viewfinder plugs into supports other accessories, such as external mikes for the camera’s HD-video-making facility.

Olympus has also expanded the range of in-built “art filters”, which are fun for those who want to be creative when they take a photo, rather than at the Photoshop end of the process.


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