KooPower’s ultra-strong USB fan

This desktop device has a force akin to a concentrated gale

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I was introduced to this fan by my brilliant Hong Kong friend Emma Rennell, and whenever I am anywhere hot I offer her silent thanks. In a modest way, it has been life changing.

This looks like a simple portable fan, much the same as the kind that appeared in China last year called Bah Jiu Seen. It has plenty of electronics on board (I’ve opened one up): digital speed changer, USB charging circuitry, even an LED torch. And there’s a huge lithium battery for the most important part – a motor more powerful than any I’ve ever seen in a fan. The force is akin to a concentrated gale.


I was getting such pleasure from the fan that I investigated importing them into the UK, but discovered someone already had, and this one by KooPower is available on Amazon for a bargain £40.

Admittedly, for £40 in Wan Chai you could buy 16 identical, unbranded versions, all mysteriously called F95B. I brought two back and they are seemingly indestructible.


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