BioLite’s long-lasting portable LED light

The NanoGrid provides 22 hours of illumination

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Almost a year ago I featured a system of outdoor gadgetry from Brooklyn maker BioLite on Technopolis TV. Some may remember that I managed to fry an egg using the twig-loaded BioLite CampStove, while simultaneously charging a phone from the same biomass-burning power source.


You won’t need to make any twig fires, however, to appreciate the brand’s new portable lighting system, although if you are planning an outdoor adventure this summer, the NanoGrid can indeed be charged by fire. But less dramatically, a few hours connected to the mains will provide 22 hours of good LED lighting if you use the main hub together with the kit’s two SiteLights for overhead illumination.


There’s 3m of attractive turquoise cable wound inside each SiteLight and the ample 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery in the main light has enough spare capacity to charge other gadgetry from its USB port. It’s all rather nice quality kit; look at the BioLite site and you may be inspired to spend some time under canvas just to enjoy the tech.

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