MyZone’s app-linked heart-rate monitor

The MZ-3 provides easy-to-understand fitness analysis

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Neither sharing stuff nor gamification are my thing, but this heart-rate monitor could possibly persuade me to get involved and start showing off to my peers. Alternatively, using the MZ-3 from Nottingham professional gym accessories firm MyZone could be a private affair, in which I could compete with the softest opposition I know, aka moi.

The MyZone unit with accompanying chest strap is neat, discreet and easy to use; it rarely requires recharging and stores 16 hours of exercise and heart-rate data before needing to download to your phone. But it’s on the MyZone app and cloud that the engaging magic happens.


The MyZone system gamifies exercise by awarding you MEPs – MyZone Effort Points. Using a colour-coded system, you can see how your social media competitors are doing, while the diary shows you in an instantly digestible chart how you are progressing in the daily activity you give your grateful heart.

The system can understand that a brisk mile walk to the station for some (ie, me) is the equivalent of a bracing run for a younger, fitter person. The MZ-3 is also what’s called ANT+ compatible, so you can pair it with many fitness apps and devices, such as Apple and Garmin watches.